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The World's most advnced Artificial Intelligence Technology for Commercial HVAC

What you need to know?

A shift from responsive to proactive HVAC

BrainBox AI’s autonomous AI HVAC technology studies how your building operates and analyses the external factors impacting it, identifies every potential improvement opportunity and then acts of it. It requires no human intervention and reacts to changes in the built environment immediately to ensure the highest tenant comfort and energy efficiency, at all times.

Connects directly to any building HVAC system
Transforms HVAC systems from reactive to pre-emptive
Utilizes existing data from building systems and third-party sources to drive decision-making
Does not require the deployment of any sensors
Autonomously drives a building’s HVAC system by directly writing back to the controller every 5 minutes, no human intervention needed
Decisions based on advanced deep learning models
Generates the highest energy cost savings in the fastest amount of time
SaaS-based pricing model
reduction in total energy costs
decrease in carbon footprint
Improvement in occupant comfort


Month 1-2

AI Learns

For a period of 6-8 weeks the AI learns the building’s specific operating behavior & creates a unique building energy profile

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After 2 months

AI Predicts

Algorithms will continue to request predictions from the AI model until it is satisfied with the outcome predicted (compared to the standards set)

Contionus / ∞

Algorithms Compare

AI continuously predicts & compares to capture potential savings in future situations.

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Contionus sustainable ROI

Algorithms Act

Without human intervention the algorithm continuously optimizes it self – every 5 minutes for the next 3 hours.

24 / 7 / 365

Tangible Energy & Cost Savings

BrainBox is a Closed Loop AI System and does not rely on human beings to take the final action of implementing the optimization opportunities.

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The algorithm never fails to predict savings opportunities.

Implementing BrainBox AI equals having a devoted building energy manager tweaking HVAC sttings to the tinies detail - 24/7.

Simple process and quick results

Convert your existing HVAC equipment into autonomous HVAC equipment using AI and Cloud computing.
Getting Acquainted

What you need to know:

  • Every built environment has its own unique set of habits and behaviors that can be expressed in a collection of energy equations.
  • Once calculated, these equations do not change unless major renovations are carried out.
  • While it is possible to perform these calculations manually, BrainBox AI does it in a fraction of the time.

To calculate these equations, we first spend less than 3 hours installing our HVAC-system-agnostic AI solution (no sensor deployment necessary). Once installed, the AI determines the specific operating behavior of each zone in the building. This process involves collecting hundreds of thousands of data points every 5 minutes, including outside temperature, fan speed, occupant density and many more.

After 6-8 weeks of data collection, the BrainBox AI engine can accurately identify patterns in order to isolate each zone’s habits and behaviours. Based on these patterns, the engine aggregates the equations for each zone to create an overall building energy profile.

Optimizing Flow

Working with a building’s energy profile, our solution combines these energy equations with deep learning and time-series data to calculate how each zone will react to changing conditions (e.g. weather) over time. More specifically, our deep learning neural networks can look into the future and predict the state of a zone in a building in 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 3 hours and 6 hours with 99.6% accuracy. In fact, even at 1000 hours, our AI engine is still making predictions with astonishing precision.

From these predictions, our AI engine determines the best way to manage the energy flow for every zone in your building by ensuring the greatest energy savings and occupant comfort.

Using over 25 customized algorithms working in real-time, the BrainBox AI engine then writes back directly to the controller of your existing HVAC system, instructing it on how to operate more intelligently and efficiently.

The AI decision-making process is based on the hundreds of thousands of data points that are continuously collected from existing building systems (e.g. BMS and access control systems) and third-party sources (e.g. weather and occupancy) as well as the desired comfort levels selected by the building owner or tenants.

Continuous improvement
BrainBox AI’s solution cut my monthly energy bill by about 30%, or more than $1,000 a month.
Antonio D’AlesioGeneral Manager at the Holiday Inn Longueuil
This industry-defining technology is a major step forward in making buildings more environmentally friendly, as well as creating exceptional customer experiences and ultimately driving significant value and cost efficiencies for our investors.
Daniel LeporeAMP Capital’s Head of Asset Technology
BrainBox AI is a partner who has allowed us to significantly reduce our energy spend in less than 6 months, while improving the comfort of our tenants. The implementation of this technology required very little effort on our part and involved no upfront investment – it’s definitely a game changer.
Mike BodendorfSVP Property Management at Aeroterm


The easiest way of not additionally harming the Planet is by not using unnecessary resources.


AI can not only save energy, but significantly raise occupant comfort and well-being.


A SaaS business model allows for the technology to pay for itself - always ensuring monthly savings vastly outperform the monthly cost.